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Wigs for Chemotherapy

The thought of losing one’s hair is frightening to most women when they are diagnosed with cancer.  Wigs of Sarasota is here to help.  We have a large selection of synthetic and natural hair wigs, as well as scarves, hats, and head coverings. Most of all, we have compassion and understanding.  Tanya’s many years of experience in dealing with hair loss issues has given her a unique understanding of the emotional stress that you may be experiencing.

Each person reacts to chemotherapy differently.  Some lose all of the hair from their head and body.  Others experience only partial loss of head hair.  Patients are generally advised to prepare for hair loss before it starts to happen.

Hair loss usually begins between 7-21 days after treatment starts.  Once your hair begins to fall out, many former patients advise having your head shaved.  Not only does this help to ease the itching and tenderness of scalp that may occur as your hair starts to fall out, it also can give you a feeling of control over the situation and eliminates the heartbreak of finding hair on your pillow when you wake up in the morning.

Most women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment opt for at least one wig and alternate wearing the wig with hats and scarves.  Hats can be worn alone or may have bangs or other fringe hair attached.  Sleep caps are often helpful to keep the head warm at night.

Your hair will grow back once you have completed  treatment. However, there may be a temporary change in color and texture as the new hair first grows in.  In most cases, you should have your own hair back in about 6 months after completing your last treatment.

Before Starting Therapy

Take photos of your current hair style.

Save a swatch from the top of your head, where the hair is lightest, in case you want to match your wig to your present color.

Use natural light – outdoors or near a window – to decide whether a wig matches the swatch.

Make sure your wig is adjustable; your head may be up to a size smaller when you lose your hair.

Men's Hair Pieces & Toupees

Male Pattern Baldness affects over 40 million men in the United States.  25% of men begin balding by the age of 20 and  two-thirds of men begin balding by age 60.  There is a 4-in-7 chance that any of us will get the balding gene from our parents.  If you are not comforted by the fact that you aren’t alone, it might be time to consider a toupee.

A toupee is a partial hair piece designed to cover the baldness on the top and is blended in with your own hair on the sides and back.  Toupees are generally held in place with two sided toupee tape or liquid toupee glue.

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Wigs of Sarasota at Tanya’s Chalet is the most experienced and professional supplier of wigs and custom hair pieces for men, women and children in the Sarasota area.  We stock a wide selection of human hair and synthetic wigs from over 20 different design companies or you can have a piece designed especially for you.


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